The War on the Internet

The War on the Internet

an eBook by Bernard Keane


Internet wars: it's unlike any previous global conflict and it's going to affect all of us.


Think about the extraordinary events of 2011: the role of social media in the Arab Spring, the continuing fallout from WikiLeaks, government warnings about cyber wars, battles over privacy and copyright and the rise and rise of online activism . The stakes are very realfor governments anxious to keep power and control, for dissidents trying to keep their identities secret, for major banks that could be greatly damaged by the revelation of confidential material, for companies desperate to keep rivals in the dark and for citizens using new media and communications systems to connect and speak out.

Bernard Keane, one of Australia's foremost political commentators, charts how the internet wars are impacting people online and examines the impact it is having on individuals, corporations, governments and democracy.

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